Stop worrying about finding “the one.” Start enjoying the adventures along the way

ImageJust the other day my friend said to me: “Bree, how do you find the right one?” I sat there, wanting to give her a simple wise answer, but I couldn’t. Why? Well, because I don’t know if I’ve found “the one” yet.

After years of flings and being in and out of relationships, I’ve realized that I’m better off not trying to make the guys I date “the one.” I’m the type of girl who lives in the moment and just enjoys the very notion of romance. I’ve realized that by only searching for love, you miss out on the fun of romantic experiences. Not to mention, it’s the experiences that allow us to see what we want and what we don’t want in our significant others.

On your journey to finding “the one,” I believe it’s important to embrace all the bumps and ditches in the road along the way; never see your exes and failed relationships as wastes of time. Learn from them, grow from them, and be grateful for them. I believe these experiences only help guide us in the right direction to finding our soul mates.

Personally, I’m in no rush, especially at 23-years-old. I rather test the waters, instead of jumping into one shitty pool and swimming in it for the rest of my life. Then again, I don’t plan on taking a dip in hundreds of pools either.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m a follower of fate, and I know fate has a plan for me in terms of finding “the one”… when it’s meant to be and I know it’s the real thing, I’ll dive right in.

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